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A MONTH since my last post?

Man, I'm working too hard. Well, the business stuff is going well! New clients, lots of prospects, and we just hired what I hope to be the best Sales VP ever. She's great: she should teach lessons on how to sell. Now, let's see her handle the onslaught that is Elvis.:-) A my's back to work! She decided to do retail, and had A nn Taylor and Victoria 's Secret in a bidding war for her services! A nn Taylor won, and her store is HUGE! Great feeling for her! Weekends? West Palm Beach , FL , for Len's wedding. Fun, but FLORID A IN JULY?!?!!? A GH!!!! Hell on earth! Went swimming in the ocean, though; never did that in the US before where it wasn't bone numbingly cold. We also spent a weekend in Sacramento , while A my trained for the new gig. I like that town, damn it. A nd the food is trying to get better. I took the train to and fro: 4 forms of transport in one day (boat, train, bus, and car). Coming up: Denver this week, with a vi