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Mobile Life Tips #3: Podcasts

Chances are, you may have heard of these, but you may not know what they are. Basically, they are recorded broadcasts that can be subscribed to, free, and listened to on your portable MP3 player. No, you don't need an iPod, but it works superbly with an iPod. The software is free, the content is free. For entertaining you on your commute, it's pretty hard to beat. Why they are good Fresh, original content, or your favorite radio program, that automatically are downloaded and put on to your MP3 player, every time you connect it to your computer? That's sweet. What kinds of programs are there? Well, depends on your mood. Many are amateur, like audio blogs. Some are dommercial-free versions of radio programs. Examples on my iPod: Air America's Al Franken Show and Majority Report; WNYC's NPR program of On The Media;'s occasional tech review of cool gadgets. Heck, I'm even starting to listen to a podcast-only audioboo: new chapters are released every

Mobile Life Tips #2: Yahoo IM on the go

Want to take your Yahoo Instant Messenger on the go? Well, you can if your phone is web-enabled and you want to use a bad web client and pay data charges. Instead, send a text message to Yahoo (92466) with this information: "In (your Yahoo Instant Messenger username) (your Yahoo Instant Messenger Password)" So for me, it would be: In jtretakoff password In moments, you get a text message back, showing your friends online. You can send any of them a text message, and they will receive it on their IM. If they IM you, you get it as a text message! No data charges; just the costs of sending and receiving text messages. Try it today!

Mobile Life Tips #1

Charles , my co-founder and friend, suggests that the things I take for granted would actually be of value, sharing with others. Especially, my unique quest to make my online life mobile. So, presenting the first in an occasional series on mobilizing your online life! Tip #1: Googling from a cell...without going online. Let's say you are looking for a phone number of a local pizza place. Call directory assistance and pay $2.00? Heck, no! Just send a text message from your cell phone to Google! Text to GOOGL (that's 46645 on your keypad). So, for the local result, try texting "Pizza" and your ZIP code. For instance, downtown Boston would be "Pizza 02109". You'll get an SMS back with the search results and phone numbers in about a second...FREE. All you pay is the normal cost of receiving a text message. Try sending a message "Help" to GOOGL now, and see all of the cool things you can do.