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Showing posts from April, 2004
OK, problems fixed...onto the pix. San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts at the Legion of Honor museum is having a Deco exhibit. A lot of history, not as much deco as I would like, but it does have the completely reassembled front of the Strand Hotel in Londo, in all it's illuminated glory. Worth it alone, as well as the incredible museum and the fine examples of deco design later in the show. While I was in Chicago, I headed down to Navy Pier. They have a complete Stained Glass window museum! It was storming out, so I walked through it; staggering. Didn't care much for the rest of Navy Pier, but these stained glass pieces were all it took for me. Even a few Frank Lloyd Wright's! And speaking of Chicago, this was the skyline from Navy Pier. I also took in the museum of Science and Industry, and got to take a great tour of the Pioneer Zephyr, one of only a handful of amazing Deco trains. See for yourself!
Ok, I've been traveling! Chicago, LA, you name it. I head to the East Coast later this month. They say a picture sends 1000 words? Let's try! This is a brass Rolls Royce from the National Auto Museum in Reno, where we went a few weeks ago to visit Lloyd & John. Also from the Nevada trip, we took a cruise on Lake Tahoe, and captured this as we pulled into Emerald Bay.