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Showing posts from February, 2005

Catching up on some pictures

I've been running around so much, I have not had a chance to share some pix my trusty phonecam & I snapped. So... Jim & Wendy Mondesitt, always the greatest guy in the world, hosted a hell of a Christmas party (they do every year). Jim celebrated this year with his newest profession: crab fisherman. Crab, barbeque...the food, wine, and friends were amazing. Just a great guy. On a recent trip to Seattle, I had a couple of hours to kill between flights. Like Lloyd, I went to see the Sci-Fi Museum up there. GREAT visit; well done. They know their audience well. You are not supposed to take any photos, but I could hardly restrain when I saw the actual Loader Ripley used against the Queen in Aliens . Yes, this is probably EXACTLY why they don't want you to take pictures; the quality does it absolutely no justice.

Want to work with me?

I need to hire more folks! We're getting pretty busy. If you, or anyone you know, is looking, please send it my way: Manager, Client Services This position is designed to provide InStorecard clients a single point of contact, from integration, to deployment, to ongoing success. You will be the voice of the client in the company, ensuring all of their needs are addressed, & communicating changes. Details: Responsible for coordination and management of assigned client (s). Will act as primary contact/liaison with Client to ensure that operations are running as expected by Client. Responsible to ensure company is meeting expected Key Performance Indicators as contracted by client. Should be able to handle many clients as one time & meet many changing client deadlines with ease. Provide day to day account management for clients, as well as initial training. Project manage integrations with retailer marketing, creative and

Make VoIP work with your phones!

Sounds like spam, huh? I'm finally taking the VoIP plunge, and I've been struggling with a way to have Tivo be happy: it needs a phone connection. Since my cable modem is on the 3rd floor and the Tivo is on the 1st, this article from Gizmodo seems to be a good way to tackle it! Of course, I already have bought a wireless phone jack, but I'm not too keen on THAT idea. I'll keep you posted!