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The greatest anti-spam service, ever

I've been using SpamNet for some time, back when it was a beta service. It's professioanl, paid version is simple the best ever. Rather than some complicated formula that spammers can figure out how to reverse engineer, it relies on half a million people with the software: if a representative sample thisnk it's spam, you get spared. Basically, it uses a block/unblock set of buttons in Outlook. If you get mail and it's spam, you choose to Block it. If a whole bunch of people do the same, the rest of the people never see the spam: it gets put into a spam folder for you to review, if you want, at your leisure. Why is this important? More than 90% of my email is spam. If I were to spend the time deleting it all by hand, I would never get anything done. In fact, SpamNet keeps track of the time it saves me: as of this morning, it's saved me over 60 hours of spam deleting, and stopped nearly 25,000 pieces of spam. If you find a piece of spam is actually desired, you can u